Auto Detailing

Your car’s exterior is exposed to contaminants all day – everyday. Because of this, most cars on the road today have an accumulation of fine particulates that are actually stuck to the clear coat. Many times these harmful contaminants are not visible to the naked eye but you can feel them, and if left untreated they could eat further into your paint. Removing these surface contaminants such as road tar, hard water calcium spots, paint overspray, brake pad/rotor dust, bug residue, iron dust, etc. will improve both the look and the health of your car’s paint.

Our Auto and Truck Services offer:
• High pressure Black Cherry cannon Wash With Wax
• Spot Free Ionized Water Rinse
• Vacuum and Shampoo Carpeting
• Steam Clean Vents, cockpit, cup holders
• Steam Clean and De-grease Engine
• Engine Dressing
• Interior Upholstery shampooing, conditioning and Dressing
• Leather Cleaning and Conditioning
• Tires, Whitewalls, Wheels cleaned and Dressed
• Clay
• 3 Stage Oxidation and swirl mark removal.